Why prices have gone up about 15% and I am still making less per item than two years ago

Sorry to say, I had to raise prices as the US$ has been losing value over the local currency (Costa Rica Colon – CRC) for a while, more than 25% by now:

USD/CRC – US Dollar – Costa Rican Colon

In addition to that, prices for imported materials (mostly aluminum and nylon in my case) have risen about 30% in the same 12 months, so a double-whammy for me. Sorry, but I couldn’t fully cover that any more.

To just make the same with each item that I made two years ago I would have had to raise prices over 25%. It’s crazy.
I am absorbing part of the increase but had to raise them about 15%.

Here is an article about the US$ devaluation versus the Costa Rica Colón.

UPDATE 3/29/2024: The exchange rate is now down to CRC499.29/US$, the lowest US$ valuation in 14 years