PHONE (voice and text): (this is a US number, use country code +1 when calling from other countries) (408) 520-9797 
Costa Rica is on what is Central Standard Time (CST) in the US (12 months a year, no daylight savings time). Most days I’m available from around 10:00 AM to about 9:00 PM.
PLEASE let the phone ring for a while!
This is a relay number, so while you hear it ringing the first 3 times I hear nothing, then when it finally rings here I have to shut off machinery and get to the phone, so 6 or 8 rings is a minimum for me to be able to pick it up in most instances.
Please leave a message with your number, location (or time zone) and a good time to call you back when I’m not available. I guarantee I will call back!                                          

Con gusto pueden corresponder con nosotros en Español.   

Wir korrespondieren gerne in Deutsch mit Ihnen.