Body Contact Devices (aka Body Contacts, Body Contact Cables, Body Contact Probes, Secondary Contact Cables, etc.) open a whole new world to everyone playing with a Violet Wand. For sensual play, there is nothing better and there are tons of things you can do. Using Wands with enough energy output, Violet Wand branding can also be done while using a body contact device. The branding tool in this case would be a metal or carbon fiber tool with a pointed end. This is a specialized technique, certainly edge play, and something that would be irresponsible to explain here. You really need in-person teaching for that.
There are two ways of using the body contact device with either the bottom (reverse technique) or the top (indirect technique) connected to the Wand. The sensation is exactly the same in either case, but usually having the bottom connected works better, as the top can move around freely with no physical connection to the Wand. There are two situations, where this might not work:

1) when one is playing with one Wand and several bottoms at the same time, although there is a way (see at the end of this article) to even do that, while only one bottom is directly connected to the Wand, and

2) when it’s not possible to isolate the bottom reasonably well from ground.

If the bottom is for example standing barefoot on a concrete floor, most of the energy will flow from the bottom to ground instead of jumping to the top. In general, the connected person should be isolated from ground as well as possible while the other person should be much more connected to ground. Nevertheless directly connecting a person to ground should be avoided for all who are not 100% able to manage the risk potential, which exist in this case. Done wrong, this could lead to a bad shock, damage and even death under the wrong (or should I call it “right”?) circumstances. For that very reason, I don’t think it would be responsible to further go into this here.

To isolate a person reasonably well from ground, a massage table with wooden legs is quiet useful for the bottom to lie on and even a wooden table will work just fine. Standing on a thick rubber mat will work fine for the person connected to the Wand, so does thick Styrofoam. What’s also important is to stay away from large metal objects and to not have part of the conductor of the body contact device lie on the ground/floor. Finally, one should use the shortest body contact device, that still allows one to do everything one wants to do. A shorter length, using the same materials and and construction, leads to higher output, because the longer the conductor is, the more energy is lost between the Wand and the contact pad/rod due to various loss factors.
There is a manufacturer out there, who claims to have a “no-loss” body contact cable. This is impossible, nobody is above the laws of physics. Unfortunately that’s one of many lies this manufacturer uses to make sales to those, who don’t know better.
Most manufacturers sell body contact devices in a 5 foot/1,50 meter length, we offer lengths from 2 feet/60 cm to 6 feet/1,50 meter.
If one has to play with indirect technique (top connected to the Wand), the best way is doing that with a holster for the wand, so that it is actually
hanging off the top’s belt. This also makes it possible to use a very short body contact device with 2 feet/60 cm being an ideal length.
The conductivity to ground for the person not connected to the device and the Wand can be increased by standing or lying on a Mylar blanket or on a piece of wire mesh. Being barefoot also helps, while wearing shoes with a combination of high heels and plateau soles and boots and shoes with thick rubber soles don’t work too well.
The most important part of body contact devices is the safety spark gap. They are an indispensable safety device. To learn why it is so important and which types of devices to avoid, please click here.
I have mentioned foot switches as very useful accessory for every Violet Wand, but for indirect and reverse play, I hardly ever use them. This is, because your hand becomes a perfect “switch” with these techniques. While sparks will fly from your fingers when you get close to your play partner’s skin (more about this a minute), this will stop as soon as you make good contact with his/her skin, for example grabbing her hand, arm or leg. If that’s not practical for whatever reason, you can of course use the foot switch.

BD-50E users: The chassis and therefore the metal on-off switch are grounded, so either cover the switch with insulation or have somebody else switch the unit on and off, when you are wearing the contact pad of a body contact device.
You’ll be punished with an uncomfortable shock if you don’t follow this advice 😉.

Now to the fun part, i.e. actual play. As said before, when the Wand is on, one of the people playing is connected to the Wand via a body contact device and that person is reasonably well isolated from ground, while the other person is better connected to ground, sparks will fly from any body part that gets close to the other’s skin and both will feel the stimulation. Wiggling one’s fingers while gliding over the other’s body is a great way of playing this way. Depending on how sensitive the top’s tongue is, it can be used quite effectively for this, as long as there is no other skin-to-skin contact anywhere.
If the top does not want to feel anything, (s)he can use any conductive item and get that close to the bottom’s skin. The sparks will fly the same, but no
sensation for the top. Literally any- and everything metal can be used (knives, tools, wire, pot scrubbers, kitchen utensils, etc., etc., etc.)and most, but not all, items made of Mylar work. Christmas is a good time to shop for such “pervertible” items.
A very effective toy is the Wartenberg Pinwheel. The sensation of passing it rapidly over skin is often described as the closest thing to cutting somebody without doing damage.
My favorite toys are those made with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber being a very light and soft material, you can hold your partner’s hand, stimulate let’s say a nipple with a carbon fiber toy, which will feel nice and soft, maybe even tickle, and then release the hand for a “shocking experience”. Due to carbon fiber being extremely light, it never makes “good” contact with the skin (unless pressed to it), which is great for us, because it keeps sparking on full contact. Soft carbon fiber toys are the most versatile Violet Wand toys/electrodes out there.
Finally, as mentioned before, even with only one bottom connected to the Wand, one can still play with other bottoms, as long as those are better isolated from ground than the top and these other bottoms have firm skin contact (for example holding hands) with the bottom that’s connected to the Wand. One can even created chains of several people holding hands and then the last person “sparking” to somebody. Some energy is of course lost, but it works.