Who’s the deviant behind DV8™?

Guilty as charged that would be me, Jens (aka Scorpio), a guy who just loves to play with Violet Wands and to do other fun things with fun people.

When I was 15 or 16 years old, I came across a “Hochfrequenz Apparat” (as it was called in Germany where I’m from), a Violet Ray Device, probably 30 or 40 years old, which I plugged in and checked out. I found out it sparks and shocks and so I started shocking people with it, most of them being unaware of what was going to happen or even that something was going to happen. There was certainly no consent nor any awareness about consent on my side (not even talking about safety concerns). I got some giggles, some angry people and I got punched in the stomach. Yeah well, that’s how you learn! The “new and cool factor” ebbed quite fast and I mostly forgot about this apparatus. There were new things to discover and better things to do than annoy people.                                                                                              About 8 years later, I joined the SM scene or rather tried to. This was in the eighties and finding the scene, especially in Europe, was challenging at best, but I found a few people to play with, so we had fun and even started to make a few toys as we could either not find them at all, they were very bad quality or terribly expensive. I had by then totally forgotten about the Violet Ray.

Fast forward to 1991, when I moved to Costa Rica and began visiting the US on a regular basis. The SM scene in the US was a lot more developed there and with more and more people getting computers and using the internet, it was booming. At a party in Florida I saw the “Violet Wand” for the first time, well, actually the second time, as I remembered it from many years ago: It was “just” a Hochfrequenz Apparat. The thing was, I saw people using it for pleasuring and torturing others, I learned about indirect and reverse play, fire play with the wand, branding, etc. and a whole new world of play was opened to me. I bought one of the US wands a day later. As I was already used to making my own toys, I began to also make Violet Wand accessories, first of all indirect and reverse toys, later also electrodes and other stuff. On further trips to the US, I took my home-made items with me and many people asked me about them and where to buy them. I actually made a few for others, but really didn’t think about turning it into a business.

In 2006/7 I worked for 18 months in Florida and somewhat became a part of the local scene. The interest in Violet Wand play was obviously considerable and I had quite a few ideas about new toys, so while there I started to build items for sale and sold the first ones at an event in Florida in 2007. The same year I started my online sales and since then I have been selling on eBay and later Etsy. It turned into a little business and by now I have a couple of people helping me with it.

I hope this website will have some useful information for you and maybe you will also find a toy or two, which will give you as much pleasure as they give me when designing, making and, of course, using them.

Have fun,